Top 10 Games To Play High

When you're high, everything is just so much more awesome, like food, movies, and video games. Sure you could spend your time playing Halo 3 or Tomb Raider but they just aren't that amazing to play high. What you need are some games that can amaze you beyond amazement, and have some aspects that seem to be made specifically for people who are stoned!

10. Portal

Portal is awesome. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine with two portals. You pop one portal into the floor below you, and one into the top of the wall? Jump into the one below you and get rocketed across the room out of the other one! You can make an infinite loop of falling by putting one above you, then one below! It's relatively simple game play once you get the hang of it, and you puzzles aren't too mentally challenging. And the constant promise of cake will make whatever you're munching on that much better. Later levels may be too difficult to beat, but that doesn't mean you can't fuck around in the easy ones and run around with the radios.

9. Killchain

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